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Workshops are one of the most beloved parts of SHCMS for a good reason, since they are a unique opportunity to develop basic medical knowledge and skills, necessary in daily clinical practice. They are an integral part of the Congress, and every year they definitive the students’ activity as long as the congress’s success.

This year there are four categories of our Workshops. Explore them!

Basic Theoretical Workshops

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Is it possible for any practice to occur without any theoretical knowledge supporting it? That’s why, the category of basic theoretical workshops which aim at organizing each student's thinking in order to possess some of the information that is simple but fundamental to the daily practice of medicine, couldn’t be lacking from our SHCMS. The subjects that will cover the most frequent questions any student has in a theoretical but imaginative way, they could appeal to anyone who wants to stand confidently in a hospital’s day-to-day life.

Advanced Theoretical Workshops

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According to what a student needs, this year at 26th SCHMS, we establish the Advanced Theoretical Workshop category. Including subjects frοm all over the spectrum of medicine, within a short period of time, long enough to be productive, students will practice their acumen and they will acquire not only up-to-date but also composite knowledge of high level. Workshops that aim to qualify the future physicians. You cannot miss this opportunity. See more information below, check the individual topics and choose those that suits you!

Basic Practical Workshops

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Workshops about Basic Practical Skills couldn't be missed from the 26th SCHMS. These are skills that will be practiced in our daily clinical act as interns, residents or specialised doctors. Our goal is as many students as possible to practise in well organised contemporary workshops under the guidance of experts while learning professionalism and respect. Many innovative topics are expected to satisfy every demand in any medical subject. So, stay tuned!

Advanced Practical Workshops

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By introducing the advanced practical workshops module, we go a step further, integrating knowledge and skills into a wide range of clinical topics aimed at familiarizing the student with clinical case management. So what awaits you at the 26th SCHMS? Get ready to handle a series of realistic clinical cases, familiarize yourself with complex medical operations, learn to deal with emergencies in a non-hospital setting, take part in case scenarios and ... watch your adrenaline levels rise!