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Let's go for a walk in Patras!

Patras, the city that hosts the most important meeting of medical students this year, is the third largest city in the country, Greece's gateway to the West and a place you should all visit. It is a major commercial and intellectual center. It has one of the most significant discriminatory universities in Greece and abroad, thanks to its innovative work in both the Sciences and Health sciences and the Humanitarian and Social sciences.

The most appropriate place to discover city's rich history is New Archaeological Museum, a modern building at the entrance of the city.

At the base of Panachaic Mountain is the Castle of Patras, a unique landmark that hosts many summer cultural events.

Another magnificent building worth a visit, is the Roman Conservatory. Located in the Upper Town it is ideal for theatrical performances and concerts.

An important emblem of the aristocratic Patras is the Apollon Theater, a miniature of the Scala di Milano, which adorns the Square of King George I in the center of Patras.

On the west side of the city stands the Holy Church of St. Andreas, the largest Orthodox church in Greece and a place of pilgrimage for Christians from all over the world.

No one leaves Patras unless they tour the unique Achaia Clauss, the oldest winery in our country. In a lush environment with historic buildings, the visitor can sample fine wines including the famous red sweet wine, Mavrodafni.

The most impressive and newest attraction couldn't be any other than the Harilaou Trikoupi Bridge (Rio-Antirio Bridge), a vision that became a reality and a landmark of 21st century Greece. At the same time, on Rio's pier next to the Bridge, every visitor can enjoy their coffee or food.

The city offers hundreds of choices, combining romance and vibrancy to satisfy both its visitors and its residents. It is full of life but simultaneously offers deep "breaths". What is enough for you to realize this, is a stroll along the Square of Psila Alonia gazing at the whole city of Patras, a walk on the Riga Feraeou pedestrian street, some chilling time with friends on the steps of Ag. Nikolaou with music and sea view and an evening walk for wine on Hephaestus street.

Patras has a unique history and hides many beauties. Get to know the city and it will be worth it!