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Please contact with the hotel of your preference and mention that you are participants of the 26th Scientific Congress of Hellenic Medical Students (SCHMS) & 14th International Forum for Medical Students & Junior Doctors, so that you can get the special offer for your accommodation.


Moxy Patra Marina   Responsive image

58, Iroon Polytechniou Av. & Kyprou Str., Patra, PC. 26441, Greece

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Phone : +30 261 440 9400

Patras Palace Hotel

15 Othonos Amalias str., PC. 26223, Patra
Phone. : +30 2610 623131

Standard (City) View single with breakfast 52€
Standard (City) View double with breakfast 65€
Superior (Sea) View single with breakfast 62€
Superior (Sea) View double with breakfast 75€

Not included: € 3 government tax per night.

The hotel is really close to the Intercity Bus Station of Patras as well as to the commercial city center.

Mediterranee Hotel

18 Agiou Nikolaou str., PC. 26221, Patra
Phone : +30 2610 279602

Single room with breakfast 36€
Double room with breakfast 47€
Triple room with breakfast 60€

Not included: € 0.5 government tax per night.

The hotel's ideal location allows easy access to all means of transportation. At a very short distance you can reach the port of Patras and other sites, within the city or its outskirts.

Byzantino and Konstantinos Palaiologos Hotels


106 Riga Fereou str, PC. 26221, Patra
Phone: +30 2610 243000

The hotel is located in the center of the city, in the pedestrian Riga Feraiou Street, close to key locations such as V. Georgiou Square. It is also very close to the port and the Intercity Bus Station.

Budget Single 55€
Budget Double 65€
Standard Single 75€
Standard Double 85€
Triple 100€
Executive Single 85€
Executive Double 95€
Junior Suite Single 120€
Junior Suite Double 140€

Konstantinos Palaiologos

20 Gerokostopoulou str, PC. 26221, Patra
This hotel consists a part of the Byzantino Hotel while the breakfast is offered on the premises of Byzantino Hotel.

Single 50€
Double 60€
Executive Single 65€
Executive Double 70€

Not included: € 3 government tax per night.
Breakfast Included

Parking facilities are also offered as described below:
Auto Parking Patras:Cooperating Private Parking - 30m from the hotel 5,00€/5h, 8.00€/5-10h, 10,00€/10h-24h

Castello City Hotel

Ag. Andreou str. 118 & Filopimenos str. 3, PC. 26221 Patras
Phone : +30 2610 22500 - +30 2610 276781

Single room with breakfast 57€
Double room with breakfast 68€

Rates include breakfast (buffet) and all applicable taxes.

Not included: € 1.50 government tax per night.
Τhe Castello City Hotel is very close to the courthouse.

Adonis City Hotel

7 Zaimi str. & 9 Kapsali str., PC. 26223, Patra
Phone : +30 2610 224213

Single room without breakfast 38.5€
Double room without breakfast 49.5€
Triple room without breakfast 60.5€

Not included: € 0.5 government tax per night.
Psila Alonia Square is 1 km away from Adonis City Hotel, while Patras Port is 1.6 km from hotel’s premises.

Porto Rio Hotel

Rio Achaias, 26500, Patras
Phone : +30 2610 992102

Single Room with Breakfast 57€
Double Room with Breakfast 69€

Not included: € 3 government tax per night.

Parking Included

El Greco Hotel

145 Agiou Andreou str, PC. 26221, Patras
Phone : +30 2610 272931

Single room with breakfast 33€
Double room with breakfast 46€
Triple room with breakfast 59€

Not included: € 0.50 government tax per night.
It is found in the city center and about 5km away from the University of Patras.