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About Abstracts
The Abstracts are formal, structured and systematic proposals in the context of a conference like the 26th Scientific Congress of Hellenic Medical Students. Unlike the Round Table of medical students, the participants choose, without the intervention of the Organizing Committee, the inspectors, who will assist them in writing and choosing the subject of their work.

What are the types of Abstracts

The Abstracts are distinguished in the oral presentations and the e-posters.

How can I participate in an Abstract

To participate, the student must first seek a supervisor who will guide them in preparing their project. The writing team may consist of one or more students however only one of them could present an oral presentation.

Who can be my supervisor

Supervisors may be faculty members of any Department of Medicine or other Department of the School of Health Sciences, as well as postgraduate or doctoral students, interns or specialized Doctors.


You can find brief instructions below for submitting your abstracts.

  1. The abstract should not exceed 300 words.
  2. Summary should be structured as following:
  3. References are cited by Vancouver System.

All the authors are required to register to the 26th SCHMS before submitting their abstracts.

Abstracts will be published directly from the original text without further correction. Please be careful.

Submit your abstract to the link below:


Candidates for Award

Candidates for award should present an abstract of special and original subject that surpasses the undergraduate level of the simple presentations of the congress, so as to be a genuine competition for the award.

The prerequisite for these presentations is the submission of the full text in English for evaluation by the Scientific Committee of the congress.

Submit your paper to the following link (a Gmail account is required):


Evaluation of Abstracts

The final classification into themes as well as the way of presentation, which will be accepted, shall be determined by the Evaluation Committee. The originality of the work and compliance with the instructions will be taken into account.

The Evaluation Committee reserves the right to not accept an abstract if it does not fulfil the conditions, if the authors do not comply with the obligations or if it is submitted after the deadline for submission.

We are looking forward to your applications!

For any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at and for more specific questions of the candidates for award.